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  The Art Of Marcus C. Thomas

Flight of the Mind : Book Orders

Marcus C. Thomas: A Painter's Journey Through Paralysis

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Flight of the Mind

Marcus C. Thomas: A Painter's Journey Through Paralysis

Hardcover autographed, linen bound

Custom-press book with dustcover; dimensions: 12’ x 12”.

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Flight of the mind: $75.00

Sep 14, 12/ Annie Thomas/ Purchase/

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Julie Speed


Marcus’ work is imaginative, skillful and true in a hauntingly soulful way. His brushwork is flawless and his colors sing. His compositions are thoughtful. It’s just flat out amazing work and you certainly don’t need to know his story to admire his work. But read this book anyway. You’ll be amazed all over again.

03/23/20/ Webguy/ Testimonials/

Ed Hatch

Portrait and landscape artist

“With their bright colors and flight, birds make a marvelous subject and an interesting parallel to Marcus’ wonderful outlook on life. . . Through tenacity and boldness of spirit Marcus orchestrated life’s circumstances to find his life’s work. His paintings, like his attitude towards life, are similar to the birds he paints; colorful, cheery and beautiful to see.”

03/23/20/ Webguy/ Testimonials/

Andie MacDowell


“Through the story and artwork in Flight of the Mind, Marcus and Anne share their hard journey and wisdom with the world. God speaks through them of the purest of love and anyone can learn from them. We all need to pay attention.”

03/23/20/ Webguy/ Testimonials/

Joni Eareckson Tada

Joni and Friends International Disability Center

“Marcus’ work is a stunning tribute to the courage and dedication of a true artist – this man not only possesses great skill, but pure natural talent. Linger over each beautiful page. For when you do, Flight of the Mind will refresh and inspire your heart!”

03/23/20/ Webguy/ Testimonials/

Richard Schmid

Artist and author of Alla Prima: Everything I Know About Painting

“It was hard for me to believe it was possible . . . to create images of such exquisite design and detail without a normal working set of hands and fingers to control the process (which I take for granted). . . Yet there it was. A man without the use of his hands, and learning to paint from scratch by himself, does every day as a matter of routine, what defeated me in 30 minutes!”

03/23/20/ Webguy/ Testimonials/

Pam Kessler


Dear Anne & Marcus,

The book is truly BEAUTIFUL! You must be delighted with the results of all your hard work. I know everyone that ordered one will think it was worth the wait.

The story you have to tell is an amazing one. I came away in awe of your ability to meet such difficulties with such a spirit of fearlessness and determination. Marcus, your love of painting comes through strong and clear both in the narrative and your work! Your thoughts on Possibilities rather than Limitations is something you certainly have put into practice and something we all should remember.

I am forwarding a copy to my niece Sarah who was recently injured in a car accident. I am hoping that your story will resonate with her. And , I also hope she will see that tragedy can sometimes transform a life in miraculous ways. Thank you, again.

04/05/20 14:59:49/ anne/ Testimonials/

From Friends


I have to tell you, the book is wonderful. Kris and I felt like kids on Christmas morning opening our "Golden" package. The hummingbird prints are beautiful! We watched the DVD twice on Christmas day. And the audio reading of Marcus' story was perfect to listen to in the car as we traveled to see our grandkids.

Feb 13, 12/ anne/ Testimonials/

From Friends


I have been meaning to drop you & Marcus a note to tell you that all the endless hours you put into the book, has paid off BIG TIME! It is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. Many people are amazed with the assembly of the book, and said you are an inspiration...Needless to say, I fully agree.

All the best to both of you.

Hugs from your Northern friend

04/05/20 15:14:59/ anne/ Testimonials/

From Friends


Hi from Sunny, Hot and Humid Florida!

I picked up "The Book" at the post office on Tuesday. It is even more beautiful than I had expected and I am enjoying reading it immensely. I have forced myself to read only a few pages at the time. I wanted the pleasure to last longer as when sipping a great champagne or biting in the rarest of chocolate!! Thank you very much also for the extras you included in the package. I am sure they will be framed and find a special spot in my home.

04/05/20 15:13:58/ anne/ Testimonials/

From Friends


The day my book arrived, I didn't even change out of my clothes. I just got it out of the box, put in on the dining room table & opened it up. I just kept saying "oh my God!" as I turned the pages & looked at all the beautiful art. What an accomplishment & what encouragement to all of us who have a dream to create something.

04/05/20 15:12:56/ anne/ Testimonials/

From Friends


I can't even express the beauty of this book in words. I am going page by page and enjoying it so so much. Everything about it is perfection. I love the weight of paper you used, love the format, and what can I say, the writing is superb. You have put together a masterpiece. . . I want to share it with everyone. I am so proud of both of you! I could go on and on but I think you get that I love this book so much and will enjoy every page.

04/05/20 15:11:40/ anne/ Testimonials/

From Friends

Gerald & Karen

Karen and I want to Thank You so much for the Flight Of The Mind book. What a wonderful recap of your journey so far! The book is prominently displayed on our coffee table and everyone that looks at it quickly becomes fascinated. I hope your book sells are great and I look forward to the right person seeing the book and getting you on the talk show circuit.

04/05/20 15:10:38/ anne/ Testimonials/

From Friends

Alan & Dorothy

Anne, Marcus

Too much time has passed without our having taken the time to tell you how very much we have enjoyed spending the time with Flight Of The Mind. We are so lucky to have had the opportunity to own a copy of the book and the prints. We fully intend to have the prints framed and displayed, with our other MT art, in our North Carolina cottage.

We hope this note finds you both well and enjoying the passage of the days which will lead us all back to NC. Again, thanks for the exceptional outpouring of knowledge and courage. We so enjoy your friendship.

04/05/20 15:06:51/ anne/ Testimonials/