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  The Art Of Marcus C. Thomas

Limited Edition Signed and Numbered Prints



New Series - Owls of North America
Six individual prints available as a set

New Series - Owls of North America

Pre-release Pricing - Ending December 15, 2020

This new series is being released in an edition of 99 prints only. The pre-release introductory price will be available for a limited time. We are setting aside numbers 1 - 30 for the collector who wants to purchase the entire edition. ( while supply lasts ) There are so many framing options for these owls: contemporary, minimalist, etc. If you would like your prints delivered to Art Accents in Weaverville we are more than happy to drop them off for you. Carla & Bob, the owners of Art Accents have kindly agreed to give our customers 15% off any Marcus Thomas frame job.

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09/22/20/ Annie Thomas/ Introduction/

About the prints

Our limited edition prints are printed one at a time using the most current state of the art printers. They are printed on heavy weight acid free fine art paper created exclusively for the art market. The process employs a highly refined ink jet print head that has thousands of tiny nozzles that sprays very fine, overlapping layers of pigmented ink onto paper or canvas to create stunning prints with superior clarity and color.

Artwork by American Artist Marcus C. Thomas

Made in the USA

**Prices subject to change as edition sells out.

Screen colors may vary from actual product due to differences in monitors. Purchase are 100 % guaranteed. If you are not satisfied you may return for a full refund minus shipping. ( 15 day return policy )

04/09/20/ Annie Thomas/ Introduction/