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Mon, Mar 08.21
  The Art Of Marcus C. Thomas

Limited Edition Signed and Numbered Prints

No watermark will appear on actual product.
New Series - Owls of North America
Six individual prints available as a set
1600807823 / 14/ hot

New Series - Owls of North America

Pre-release Pricing - Ending December 15, 2020

This new series is being released in an edition of 99 prints only. The pre-release introductory price will be available for a limited time. We are setting aside numbers 1 - 30 for the collector who wants to purchase the entire edition. ( while supply lasts ) There are so many framing options for these owls: contemporary, minimalist, etc. If you would like your prints delivered to Art Accents in Weaverville we are more than happy to drop them off for you. Carla & Bob, the owners of Art Accents have kindly agreed to give our customers 15% off any Marcus Thomas frame job.

Pre-release pricing expires December 15, 2020.

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