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Sat, Feb 27.21
  The Art Of Marcus C. Thomas

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Sometimes life takes sudden turns...without using its turn signal!

Hang on and hang in there.

We are excited to share our new website with you. Several new categories have been added, Brushstroke Adventures™ with Marcus (Marcus' painting tutorial for kids), Petite Prints™ and Notecards. Please note we are working from a limited inventory due to the current crisis. We apologize in advance if an item is out of stock. We will replenish as inventory becomes available. For a limited time we have SPECIAL PRICING on Limited Editions & Petite Prints. We will post our show schedule when the world gets back on track. Enjoy Shopping !

Update: June 15, 2020 We are still waiting for our shows to get up and running. We are hopeful we can get in our July Blowing Rock show and then hopefully the rest of our summer shows. It is a long hard wait, but we are being patient. Stay tuned.

We can't wait to see you again in person, but until then we are social distancing.

With a handshake in mind.

Marcus & Anne Thomas