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  The Art Of Marcus C. Thomas

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Art shows are back...Online ordering on a very limited basis. Read below.

Hang on and hang in there.

It has been a real pleasure to get back out to our art shows. Marcus and I have been participating in art shows for approximately thirty years. Meeting new customers and making new friends along the way has been the highlight of our career. We are beginning to realize our stamina and the need for quality time in our lives is very important. We have cut back our shows to a more reasonable schedule so we can spend time together with family, friends and our new dog, Birdie. We will continue to exhibit at the art shows, but we will be cutting back on the shows that we participate in.

The website will be on and off based on our ability to get prints and our ability to ship. If you see something you like when the site is in operation mode, we encourage you to place your order. Once we get busy with a show schedule and it is not possible for me to ship I will turn the online ordering off.

Thank you for your understanding.

With a handshake in mind.

Marcus & Anne Thomas